New Hampshire Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video

Thanks to BlackBoxVoting for doing this video. Hmmmmm. As I sit back and watch this video and many others like this one and ponder over many issues such as who will be the next puppet that will be in office, which is the candidate, or candidates that the behind the scene people want in office? In the end it does not matter who we vote for because that seat in the oval office is already spoken for. The true question is what will happen when the majority vote (population) clearly outweighs the Electoral College. I remember learning this back in the days but had forgotten it until I was reminded by my son and a co-worker. Interesting thought to think how we Americans would handle it. It did happen one election but is was a close race. But my question is when the common people's vote clearly with a large margin outweighs the Electoral College.What will we do? Sit back and let it happen or take action? Makes me wonder. Maybe that is why things like this video happen to ensure that it is never known, that the mass population does not get the person they pick. I encourage everyone to vote, but not for the reasons that you think. It more like a selfish reason. I personally would love for everyone or a large # of people to vote for the underdog, and I would love to see it play out. Would they ever allow a Mike Gravel or Ron Paul in office or would they try every means to stop it from happening. So ask everyone and vote for Mike Gravel and bring it on.

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