Fluorides in our water used to keep you docile and inhibit questioning of authority

Biological Effect of Fluorides: "Fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons, which is why they are used to kill rodents."

Fluorides have been used to modify behavior and mood of human beings.

It is a little known fact that fluoride compounds were added to the drinking water of prisoners to keep them docile and inhibit questioning of authority, both in Nazi prison camps in World War II and in the Soviet gulags in Siberia. click here for more info

Also Click here to see more http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/

UK gov takes another 'Big Brother' step, critics warn

The UK government wants to relax data protection laws so it can share people's personal data across different government agencies, with critics slamming the proposals as another move toward a 'Big Brother' state."

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UK proposes data sharing among agencies - Business - Macworld UK: "

Fear directly into your inbox!

Just encase you could still function as a free and liberated human you can now make sure you fall in line and do as your told by our all mighty protectors, simply sign up to the M15 Terror Alert emails!
and be fearful for ever more! Its nice and Orwellian! WE ARE NOW AT WAR WITH OCEANIA!

Australian IT - Email alerts for terror threats (Correspondents in London, JANUARY 10, 2007)

JANUARY 10, 2007
BRITAIN'S domestic security service MI5 has launched a service offering to warn people by email alerts of any increase in the terrorist threat to the country.

Internet users can register on the MI5 website - www.mi5.gov.uk - to receive automatic electronic updates notifying them of any change in the security level.

The threat level is assessed by the British government's Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) and has been posted on the MI5 and Home Office sites since last year.

That move prompted considerable public interest and the email alerts were designed to build on that, said an unnamed government source quoted by Britain's Press Association news agency on Tuesday.

The current threat level has been at "severe" - the second-highest - since early August, when police and security services say they foiled an attempt to blow up transatlantic passenger jets with liquid explosives.

The highest level, "critical", means an attack is expected imminently; "severe" indicates an attack is thought "highly likely"; the lower ratings are "substantial", "moderate" and "low".

In November last year, the head of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, said her agents were tracking more than 1600 suspects from 200 groups, most of them with ties to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network.

She also warned that while home-made, improvised explosives may be used now, future terror attacks could involve chemical, bacteriological, radioactive and even nuclear material.


Henry Rollins

What a king! Henry Gives a rant about the fantastic nature of the internet and that its under attack. a great watch.;)

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