Fox news producer busted Censoring Ron Paul at a republican convention

Its amazing how good microphones are these days, and when this fox news producer gets busted telling the camera man not to get shots of the Ron Paul people we have just one more piece of evidence from the thousands showing how fox news is propaganda straight from the bankers CFR, New world orders mouth.

U.K. Kids Get RFID Chips In School Uniforms

Thomas Claburn
Monday October 29, 2007

Ten schoolchildren in the United Kingdom are being tracked by RFID chips in their school uniforms as part of a pilot program.
If the program proves successful as a way to hasten registration, simplify data entry for the school's behavioral reporting system, and ensure attendance, Trevor Darnborough, whose company, Darnbro, filed for a patent on securing RFID tags to clothing, hopes other schools will be interested, according to the Doncaster Free Press.

The chipped children are enrolled at Hungerhill School in Edenthorpe, England, a secondary school for ages 11 to 16.

David Clouter, a parent and founder of Leave Them Kids Alone, a children's advocacy group, condemned the plan. "With pupils being fingerprinted and now this it seems we are treating children in a way that we have traditionally treated criminals," he told the Doncaster Free Press.

"The system is not intrusive to the pupil in the slightest," Hungerhill teacher Graham Wakeling told the Doncaster Free Press. He also said that all the patents of the children in the trial supported the tracking effort.

Video surveillance is already commonplace in the United Kingdom, and a growing number of schoolchildren are fingerprinted for administrative and security reasons. Since 2001, nearly 6,000 pupils have been fingerprinted in the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail reported earlier this month, with 20 new schools embracing the practice every week.

In a blog post about the report, security expert Bruce Schneier quipped, "So now it's easy to cut class; just ask someone to carry your shirt around the building while you're elsewhere."

Martin Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story

Actor Martin Sheen questioned the official 9/11 story, as well as the collapse of Building 7 and Larry Silverstein's "pull it" comment during an anti-war march this past weekend in Los Angeles, saying that recent revelations about the attacks had caused him to have doubts.

Sheen was interviewed by We Are Change L.A. along with fellow actor Mark Ruffalo during an event hosted by the ANSWER Coalition at which around 20,000 people attended.

Ron Paul: A New Hope

One of the best videos explaining what Ron Paul is all about!
If you are American please check out Ron Paul because he is the only one that can save Americas demise.

Neo-Con Podhoretz Tells Audience To "Shut Up" After Tough Questions

Arch-Neo Con Norman Podhoretz's book reading at a recent Barnes and Noble appearance in New York turned into a hostile affair after he told the audience that Iran should be bombed because "We were attacked by Islamofascists on 9/11," before being bombarded with accusatory questions and eventually telling the crowd to "shut up".

This is what more people should be doing! Its great to see what happens when these people get educated people asking questions and not a bunch of mindless sheeple.

The REAL Reasons You Want to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

In this lecture, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, summarizes the contents of his book, which explains the health dangers of genetically modified foods, and the industry cover-up.






Get ready to start paying by the mile when you drive

Tests are in preparation for a new system to replace or supplement the current gas tax with a per mile driven fee metered by GPS which will mandate a Big Brotheresque situation in which everywhere you go and when will be logged in order to bill you. Alex Jones called this one 5 years ago.

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Milton Friedman's view on libertarianism

This is such a great overall look at Milton Friedman's view on libertarianism. you can really see where Ron Paul got his inspiration from. What a legend!

Part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

Milton Friedman pure brilliance!

It's funny because this looks like it was filmed in the 60s and its content has never been more relevant as it is today. Power to the people!

A small Extract from a film called the Network 1976

Brilliant! It somes up a hell of a lot!

Sydney 9/11 Truth Action - 11th October 2007

Well done to every one in Sydney We need to stand up for what our for fathers died for and that is our way of life and freedom.
9/11 OZ meets at town hall on the 11th of every month if you can make it please do because we need to show numbers.

Blackwater the privitised military, Dick Cheney's lifes work.

Welcome to the new world order of privatised secretive army's.

The privitised War on freedom

Here is some of the advance praise Naomi and The Shock Doctrine:

"Naomi Klein is an investigative reporter like no other. She roams the continents with eyes wide open and her brain operating at full speed, finding connections we never thought of, and patterns which eluded us. She shows us, in clear and elegant language, how catastrophes -- natural ones like Katrina, unnatural ones like war -- become opportunities for a savage capitalism, calling itself 'the free market,' to privatize everything in sight, bringing huge profits to some, misery for others. To ensure the safety of such a system, it becomes necessary to constrict freedom, to assault human rights. The torture chambers for some then match the torturing of the larger society. This is a brilliant book, one of the most important I have read in a long time." -- Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States.

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