Jimmie Vaughan Shackles On Me

The Amaizing Jimmie Vaughan With his song about the times we live in.

Love it.

The Police don't know the Law.

This is just another example of Harassments, They are aloud to film and track every thing we do but as soon as we film our police ( the people we pay to keep criminals at bay) they get shirty.
check out my blog about all of this
exposethis dot blogspot dot com

The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract

This is just another example that mind control is real, This article for wired magazine.

Click here for the wired article

Andrew Meyer--Tasered by Police for asking John Kerry a question that he didn't like

Once again we see police crushing the voice of decent! Why aren't people aloud to ask their representatives questions? Why when its a question they don't like do they get tazerd? This is what happened in Germany when the Nazis took over. This is Obserd.

Police dressed as radicle protesters where busted bieng provocateurs

At a rally to stop the North American Union in Canada, Police Where busted dressed as violent protesters to cause violence so that the riot police could move in.
This is Extremely important to expose this because I talk to people all the time and they don't believe me that agent provocateurs exist.
Well here is proof.

Government and Police always want more powers, and they will get it, because they keep saying that protesters are violent, when they aren't the police cause it so that the media catches the images and then the Government can justify draconian laws and cops can justify Massive expenditure on control hardware to use against the people that pay their wages, (us the tax payers).

Please get these videos out to every one.

Here is the original footage

to find out more about the north american Union have a look at this

9/11 Truth: MIT Engineer Jeff King Says WTC Demolished

MIT engineer Jeff King presents evidence that has led him to the conclusion that the twin towers and building seven were demolished in a controlled fashion on September 11 2001.

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