Prototype EU Airplane Spy Cams Watch For Facecrime

"You can't make stuff like this up. The EU is actually testing a prototype system of cameras in airplanes to monitor passengers' facial expressions in order to detect both terrorism and 'air rage.' The Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment (SAFEE) project used an Airbus A380 fuselage with six wide-angle cameras to watch for people running or loitering near the cockpit door, as well as a camera in the back of every seat to watch for facecrime like sweating too much, or acting nervous. But that's okay, because the system won't alert anyone until it sees a 'combination of signs,' instead of just one stray expression, or they might accidentally catch a lot of people who are afraid of flying or of being watched."

Its really sick that we are turning into a cooperate fascist world where we are not free but tracked and traced. The EU should be ashamed of themselves.! I will boycott any company that installs this rubbish.

To quote Thomas Jefferson - "The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither." The real terror will come from governments. Who have control grids like this in place. A citizenship full of sheep will attract a government of wolves.

Stay free! don't let the terrorists win!

Help Us Take The Infowar To The Next Level This Saturday

Saturday is the big day - the day when you can make a statement and pledge your support for one of the most exciting and ambitious developments that the alternative media has ever undertaken, by participating in the Infowars Money Bomb.

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July 12, 2008: Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington D.C.

Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington D.C.
Be there on JULY 12, 2008. Hear the Bells of Liberty.. and do NOT forget to take a copy of the Constitution with you!!

Go to:

Gathering is on the west side of Capitol Hill. Ronvoys are there that will take you to Washington.

It's time.. Come and MARCH! BE THERE! JULY 12, 2008! Because it's almost too late..

Please, distribute this video all over You Tube, MySpace and Google Video!! Thanks to nibirushock for this great video, and allowing others to post it as well!!

DOWNLOAD/COPY HERE (stereo! + choose from other front picture (crowd)!!):

The Ron Paul movement is passionately dedicated to a smaller, less activist government. It is beholden to no power structure and decentralized in how it gets information or organizes itself to act.

Even Fort Detrick Scientists Themselves Think the Killer Anthrax Came from their Facility

Even experts at the U.S. bioweapons facility at Fort Detrick think that the anthrax which was used in the 2001 attacks came from their facility:
"In an e-mail obtained by FOX News, scientists at Fort Detrick openly discussed how the anthrax powder they were asked to analyze after the attacks was nearly identical to that made by one of their colleagues.

"Then he said he had to look at a lot of samples that the FBI had prepared ... to duplicate the letter material," the e-mail reads. "Then the bombshell. He said that the best duplication of the material was the stuff made by [name redacted]. He said that it was almost exactly the same … his knees got shaky and he sputtered, 'But I told the General we didn't make spore powder!'"
Indeed, 3 of the 4 suspects the FBI is investigating are employees of Fort Detrick, which is run by the Army.

This new information verifies that
the anthrax came from the Fort Detrick military base (confirmed here).

Some people are pretending that someone unconnected with the army bioweapons facility at Fort Detrick stole the anthrax. However, as the above-quoted article states:
"Fort Detrick is run by the United States Army. It's the most secure biological warfare research center in the United States," a bioterrorism expert told FOX News."
It is not very likely that someone could steal anthrax from the most secure facility in the U.S., run by the Army.

Indeed, the FBI apparently knew in 2002 who mailed the anthrax letters. See this, this, and this.

And yet government investigators and prosecutors have covered up and refused to disclose who did it for 6 years. Initially, the FBI tried to frame an innocent man for the attacks.

More importantly,
"The FBI has completely shut Congress out of its now five-year investigation into anthrax attacks on Capitol Hill and around the nation". In other words, Congress -- which legally has every right to know what really happened, and which was the main victim of the attack -- is being kept in the dark. If the FBI really didn't know who did it, and was really conducting an honest investigation, why would it stonewall Congress?

There is strong evidence that the anthrax attacks were a false flag attack. Indeed, the bioweapons expert who actually drafted the current bioweapons law (the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989) while working for President George H.W. Bush has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act. See also this.

At the very least, the FBI and the White House are actively covering up for the person who really did it.

The Running Man (pt 1)

This is a tyrannical dictatorship portrayed in Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 movie The Running Man, where citizens are reminded by huge TV screens that they can "earn a double bonus for reporting on a family member!"

New Hampshire Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video

Thanks to BlackBoxVoting for doing this video. Hmmmmm. As I sit back and watch this video and many others like this one and ponder over many issues such as who will be the next puppet that will be in office, which is the candidate, or candidates that the behind the scene people want in office? In the end it does not matter who we vote for because that seat in the oval office is already spoken for. The true question is what will happen when the majority vote (population) clearly outweighs the Electoral College. I remember learning this back in the days but had forgotten it until I was reminded by my son and a co-worker. Interesting thought to think how we Americans would handle it. It did happen one election but is was a close race. But my question is when the common people's vote clearly with a large margin outweighs the Electoral College.What will we do? Sit back and let it happen or take action? Makes me wonder. Maybe that is why things like this video happen to ensure that it is never known, that the mass population does not get the person they pick. I encourage everyone to vote, but not for the reasons that you think. It more like a selfish reason. I personally would love for everyone or a large # of people to vote for the underdog, and I would love to see it play out. Would they ever allow a Mike Gravel or Ron Paul in office or would they try every means to stop it from happening. So ask everyone and vote for Mike Gravel and bring it on.

Join The Alex Jones Money Bomb

Are your friends and family still asleep? Imagine being able to watch, on a dish network, at your friends house, all of the content found on and other like-minded minded organizations. Imagine the conversations that will occur after they see and hear some of the news they haven't been getting from the main stream... It is time to get Alex and others on the "tube" as we have only just begun to fight the InfoWars.

The Energy Non-Crisis

Please watch this very very brave man Lindsey Williams give his testimony of why we are no where near peek oil and why the peek oil myth is being propergated. He even goes on tell you who "they" are!

Please pass this on!

Hunger-Strike by Professor to put the Spotlight on Senator John McCain about 9/11 Truth

In an effort to focus national attention on the 9/11 truth issue by going directly to a power center of the 2008 Presidential Campaign, members of Phoenix 9/11 Truth will support Blair Gadsby, a professor of Religious Studies and signatory to the PatriotsQuestion911 website, in a hunger-strike slated to begin Memorial Day, 2008 at the Phoenix office of Senator John McCain. McCain has supported the official account of 9/11 by writing the foreword to the 2006 Popular Mechanics book [Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up to the Facts].

Gadsby, an Arizonan who is represented by Senator McCain, stated for the record, "I believe Mr. McCain is a man of deep integrity. He has stood up to corporate influence in campaigns and to the very powerful Military Industrial Complex in the past, and he has a record of being a maverick. That's why I've chosen to offer him this opportunity to face the issues head-on publicly. He may be one of the very, very few who have the integrity and stature to keep the military loyal and find the broad-based political support to bring about a change in our great country. But today, he is in a perilous position. By writing the Foreword to the official cover-up story, he has sided with the corrupt and war-mongering elements in our society and government. But if he can be made to see that he has been lied to, like the rest of the American people, he may be able to pull us back from the brink of an America perpetually at war. In the end, that's what this is all about - a wartime economy that is out of control We need someone to rein it in, and I'm pinning my hopes that Senator McCain will do the right thing, and not be so desperate to become President that he will sell himself out. I only hope it's not too late."

Gadsby goes on to say that the reason he is willing to do a hunger-strike is because, "As an Arizonan, having my Senator write the Foreword to an obviously false story gives me a golden opportunity to draw attention to 9/11 truth issues. I believe I am handing the Senator an opening to look at the evidence and change his position. Mr. McCain could have the American people on his side in a heartbeat if and when they are given a chance to learn the truth. Once all of the American people come to learn details about 9/11, they are going to be mad as hell. The country has been far too patient with the many misdeeds of the Bush Administration. The Afghanistan war, and to no small degree, the Iraq war, were a direct result of 9/11. What the 9/11 Truth Movement and many others have established beyond a shadow of a doubt is that 9/11 was a classic case of "false-flag terrorism" used to mobilize the country for war. There's much more at stake here than just 9/11 truth. I believe if Mr. McCain hears our message and acts with the integrity that I know he possesses, he will go down in history as the political maverick he has striven to be."

Gadsby says he will fast until McCain agrees to give him and the Phoenix 9/11 Truth group two hours of time: one hour for presentation of evidence and facts followed by one hour of debate between leading investigators and scientists on both sides of the issue, "I challenge them to allow the American people to view the video footage of WTC7's collapse and the various experts describing the characteristics of a controlled demolition. The people are not stupid, once they see the evidence, huge questions will arise and it is right here where folks become intimidated. But this must be done, as painful as it is."

Tim King, a spokesman for Phoenix 9/11 Truth urges activists around the country to assist the Phoenix group in bringing media attention to Gadsby's unprecedented Hungry for 9/11 Truth, hunger-strike. King urges citizens and activists to question McCain about the hunger-strike while he's on the campaign trail. For more information about the hunger-strike, go to For more information about Professor Blair Gadsby, see

22,000 scientists refute Al Gore's global-warming religion

There is NO consensus among scientists in support of the UN claims.

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ABC Australia Askes about Unanswered 9/11 questions

"Current research indicates that an incendiary (thermite) may have been used to sever the massive box columns of the towers, causing the buildings to plummet to the ground at close to free-fall speed.

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BAYER SPREADS AIDS HIV through Hemopheliac medicine to children

Bayer Corporation put live H.I.V. Virus in their hemophiliac medicine for children- and shipped it all over the world.

Why is this company still aloud to trade?

I'm pretty sure there are laws against this type of mass murder.
I feel so bad for all the thousands of families and children who were infected due to Bayer Corporation.
This is the epitome of bad-business, and un-ethical, careless behavior.
Why would they do this to us?
They have a moral responsibility to protect us. We are the source of their wealth. We are their customers.

Please spread this around.
and Boycott Bayer!

WH Admits: No Email Backup Tapes From Start of Iraq War

The White House acknowledged in a court filing last night that it no longer has backup tapes of email from between March 1, 2003 and May 22, 2003, a period that includes the beginning of the Iraq war. How convenient!

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Pentagon Secretly Goes To War With The Internet

The Pentagon is to spend $30 Billion building a super secret National Cyber Range in order to prepare for all out cyber warfare by using it to conduct mock online battles with realistic info-warriors.

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Geraldo At Large On DC Madam With Alex Jones 5/3/08

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