July 12, 2008: Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington D.C.

Ron Paul Revolution March on Washington D.C.
Be there on JULY 12, 2008. Hear the Bells of Liberty.. and do NOT forget to take a copy of the Constitution with you!!

Go to: http://www.revolutionmarch.com

Gathering is on the west side of Capitol Hill. Ronvoys are there that will take you to Washington.

It's time.. Come and MARCH! BE THERE! JULY 12, 2008! Because it's almost too late..

Please, distribute this video all over You Tube, MySpace and Google Video!! Thanks to nibirushock for this great video, and allowing others to post it as well!!

DOWNLOAD/COPY HERE (stereo! + choose from other front picture (crowd)!!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C44J1...

The Ron Paul movement is passionately dedicated to a smaller, less activist government. It is beholden to no power structure and decentralized in how it gets information or organizes itself to act.

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