Naomi Wolf talks to Alex Jones about her new book : The End of America (Audio Interview)

I just listened to all three parts of this interview. It is excellent. Please - by all means - postpone your bedtime by half an hour tonight and listen. If you have problems with either Alex Jones or Naomi Wolf, suspend your disbelief for half an hour and please just listen. It is an excellent reminder of why we are all fighting for Ron Paul.

Part 1

It is very rushed, and gets cut off at the end of Part III, so if you want to read the whole scoop, please get Namoi Wolf's book for yourself or someone else as a holiday gift: The End of America - Letter to a Young Patriot Parts II & III below. She mentions Ron Paul favorably at the end of Part II.

Part 2

Part 3

Get it at Amazon now: The End of America - Letter to a Young Patriot

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