Is the U.S. government building a Gattaca'-level DNA database?

"Is the U.S. government building a 'Gattaca' style DNA database?"

The USA has used the Great sounding title of "The Violence Against Women Act" To overwhelmingly push through Orwellian Laws that will eventually have every one's DNA on a national registrars.

The privacy implications of the new law overwhelm the positives in crime fighting by far. Groups like the ACLU and even the Innocence Project -- an organization that has gotten dozens of innocent convicts released from prison based on DNA evidence -- notes that DNA provides a lot more information about a person than a fingerprint does. A fingerprint only identifies; DNA identifies, reveals a person's genetic mutations, propensity for certain diseases and conditions, mental defects and countless other pieces of very personal information.

If you have ever seen the film Gattaca you will soon realize the implications of big business and governments having access to your DNA. This is not only to Identify you but to identify who is more likely to get depression, cancer, Who is not insurable, who is employable and who is not.

It will be a society split by a genetic underclass, so if you do not spend lots of money with big business to genetically modify your unborn Child your baby will grow up in the genetic underclass, unemployed, and un-insurable.

Is this a world you want your children to live in?


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