What's the average Joe supposed to do about all of this?

What's the average Joe supposed to do about all of this? It sometimes seems like all we coan do is just sit and watch, because it's already happening.

Alex Jones "I want people out there to know that government-sponsored terror, false flag, self-inflicted wound terror is real. Terror is being used to destroy our entire future and our way of life, and deliver us into the hands of a high-tech despotism. We can fight city hall, we can affect change, and we can bring criminals to justice. There's always going to be corruption, but if we don't actively fight, it will run wild. And it's running wild right now. The message is: get informed, get involved, because really dark times are here, and even more dark times are ahead if we don't have a national renaissance, an awakening, a revelation to government-sponsored terror because governments will continue to use this as they have throughout history to get control. But if we are ever able to make it to where it is just public knowledge and common sense that governments do this, and if people start to look at governments and private corporations, and just who stands to gain from terror every time there's an event, they'll be forced to start doing something else. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Crisis creation is their number one tool, and we've got to break that tool in front of their faces"

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